DIY Christmas Crackers

Today I made these super easy Christmas Crackers using toilet roll tubes. This is a fantastic way to recycle those cardboard tubes (I did find a few other ways to reuse them on Pinterest too). You can also use wrapping paper or kitchen roll tubes cut down. To make these you will need:

• cardboard tubes

• tissue paper

• Christmas papers (I’ve used Let it Snow DSP from Stampin’ Up on mine)

• twine/ribbon

• scissors • cracker snaps

• glue • washi tape

• trimmer

• small treats for inside

Here are the step by step instructions;

1. First wrap the tube with your tissue paper. Then fasten with washi tape.

2. Trim your paper down to 4 1/4” x 6 1/2” (or whatever size your tube is) using your paper trimmer, and stick around the tube section.

3. Pop one of the cracker snaps inside the tube, and fasten one side with twine.

4. Add one your small treats in the unfastened side. I used small toys that were at the bottom of my kids’ toy baskets, which I’m sure they forgot they even had!!

Lastly fasten the other side with twine, and trim the tissue down to size.

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